How can we help make your organization's vision a reality?

Envision Impact provides operational, fundraising, and strategic consulting services to small - medium sized nonprofits.

Our specialties include operational improvement, project management, strategic planning, assessment and evaluation, and innovative fundraising.

Operations and Compliance

Running a nonprofit is already challenging! Let us help firm up your processes, logistics, and build a better foundation. 

Project Management

Implementing a new tech system? Launching a new program? We can support your project by providing structure, clarity, and a formal plan.

Strategic Planning

Growing a nonprofit means making hard decisions. We can support your team by facilitating strategic meetings, building a strategic plan, and supporting the implementation. 

Fundraising and Stewardship

Individual donors, grants, events, sponsorships, memberships, campaigns, etc. We've done it all! We can help build a fundraising plan that makes sense and stewards your supporters efficiently.  

Why Envision Impact?

With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, we hold a vast knowledge and a unique insight into some of the most common challenges facing nonprofits. 

Having problems transitioning to online fundraising events? We've done it! 

Finding it challenging to build capacity within your organization? We can evaluate!

Not sure how to manage a huge change? We would love to support!

Contact us for a free consultation today!