Why should I use a consultant?

Consultants allow for an external viewpoint to properly analyze your organization's challenges, create solutions, and support the implementation of those solutions.

There are a lot of nonprofit consultants! Why are you the best for my organization?

If you need someone who specializes in operational, strategic, and/or fundraising challenges - I'm your gal. I have over a decade of experience in addressing these issues and crafting the best solution to allow an organization to thrive. For details around the services I provide, click here.

However, I may not be a great fit for you, and if that's the case, I have a slew of consultant friends I can share with you instead.

What do you charge?

My rates depend on your needs. However, I try to remain flexible enough with my rates to allow for my contribution to fit within your goals, time frame, and budget.

I offer per-project rates, ongoing monthly retainer rates, and specialized hourly rates.

How do I start working with you?

We will begin with a discovery consultation - this is typically an hour-long virtual call. I will follow up with an email detailing what the needs are, how I can contribute, a proposed budget and rate structure, and a statement of work. If those pieces are agreeable, we will sign an agreement and start work!

What does working with you look like?

This is dependent on the project, but I will work with your team via email, virtual meetings, and any additional internal communication methods you may prefer. If the project warrants an in-person meeting, I can travel to support your needs.

I firmly believe in collaboration above all else throughout an engagement. Therefore, all work will be suggested but can be work-shopped into something that best fits your needs. Only you know what is best for your organization at its core, and I follow your lead when it comes to implementing change.

I have more questions...

Great! Shoot me an email and let's chat!